Speak Life

I got involved with inspirational/motivational speaking because of waking up everyday, and being forced to ask myself, where have all the heroes gone?  Where are the men and women who are willing to do the right thing no matter the cost, no matter the consequences? 

I’ve been fortunate to share with people all over the world.  From schools in America and Australia, to Katrina relief in Mississippi, to Tsunami stricken Thailand, to our troops stationed stateside and in Iraq, wherever there is a need, I’ve gone, and will continue to go.  I strive to no longer live for myself, but to serve others, and to bring a message of hope into the world. 

I believe we live in a time when our world is breaking apart at the seems and people are desperate for real hope and true life.  People of all ages need to hear that there is another way, and the choice is theirs.

I believe when we make the choice to be the voice in our generation and not the echo, we learn how to speak life, we become the hero we were always meant to be, and we change the world.  That’s the mission; change the world.

Keith Elias



Be the Voice, not the Echo

“It was an absolute breath of fresh air to see a public figure with such a genuine heart and a sincere message. He was funny and engaged the kids. He also really made them think. I am truly grateful that he was able to visit our school. [He] also renewed my spirit of hope for the future of our children.” Jennifer Belvett, teacher Vineland HS 

“Having heard about the presentation of Keith Elias, I was curious about the program.  After seeing it live and seeing the immediate effects it had on my students along with his down to earth style made this program a worthwhile experience for those involved.  I recommend this program to anyone who has students faced with difficult choices in their lives and who need a no nonsense, common sense approach to handling them.” Thomas Normile, Principal, Pinelands High School 

“The students… were truly captivated with [Keith’s] powerful message.”  Stuart C. Brown, Chief of Police, Township of Manalapan 

“… [Keith] demonstrated an innate understanding of the developmental age of our students, and [his] presentation was perfectly suited to an audience of eleven and twelve-year-old children… [He] spoke in a passionate, inspirational manner that was equally captivating for students, teachers, and the PTA volunteers alike.”  William P. Ciullo, Principal, Pine Brook School 

“He challenged our kids to think about the direction their lives are going and forced them to look deep into themselves to determine who they wanted to be. If you need someone to make kids think about the direction their lives are headed then bring in Keith Elias.”  Steve DiGregorio, Athletic Director Nutley High School 

“Even more impressive than his presentation is the way Keith lives his life.  He lives out what he presents and is a man of deep character.”  Pastor Robert Nash, Building on the Rock Community Church

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